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My Highlights of the 2022 Game Awards

To the left, the protagonist of Hades II, Melinoë, with a dagger and a sickle floating in front of her. To the right, a Tarnished hero and their Maiden from Elden Ring.

The Game Awards came and went, crowning God of War: Ragnarök and Elden Ring as the year’s biggest and brightest, with ten awards between them. They duked it out for the title of Game of the Year, and though God…

Radiohead’s Virtual KID A MNESIA

The KID A MNESIA poster, featuring stark white mountains against a dark background

I took a detour through the woods. It led me to the gray space between roots where reality fades. Then I went inside the pyramid and stood in a circle of demons as they danced. This is Radiohead’s virtual exhibition,…